Make sure your vehicle is ready for snow. Winter tires always make it easier if you donít have a 4 wheel drive vehicle. Have your battery checked Ö you know it will act up when you need it most. A snowstorm is not the ideal time to deal with that little bugger! Oh yes! The snow scraper, please donít let me see any of you scraping your windows with a credit card! Windshield wipers are also something we seem to forget about until they break. Get yourself a new pair of winter blades, most just clip on these days. And last but not least have all your fluids changed or checked and keep at least a half a tank of gas in your car in case of emergency. A bag with emergency gear in the trunk is not a bad idea either. Okay, now letís think about the house. Do you have your shovels readily available, is your snow blower tuned up? Did you start it to make sure itís running properly? Did you touch base with your plow guy? How about the generator? If you have one you should take the time to fire it up once and awhile to make sure it will start when you need it most. Some ice melting products are always handy to have around also. Be prepared. Have a few day of water and some canned food on hand in case of a power outage.