Now that we have had a couple of good frosts itís a good time to consider cutting down some of those favorite landscape perennials. Most folks cut their perennials about 2Ē from the ground and clean up all the debris. Waiting till spring to do this will be more messy. Remember to research special plants such as Hydrangeas. Flowers will only bloom next year on old wood. So if you must shape them you want to keep this in mind. A good way of protecting this plant is stuffing them with leaves and wrapping with burlap. This is also a good time to shape your Rose of Sharon. Donít be afraid to keep it the size you really want. They can get rather large. Donít forget the lawn, clean up all the leaves, give a nice short final cut and apply a winter fertilizer and your good to go. Now that all the yard work is done you can start thinking about that great Thanksgiving Feast and the family gathering. Before you know it you will be seeing your spring bulbs and perennials return. Have a great winter and let it snow!